Social Housing Green Paper

The Communities Secretary has launched the Social Housing Green Paper which will help ensure everyone has a safe, decent place to live and help as many people as possible onto the housing ladder.

Key facts:

Our ‘new deal’ for social housing residents aims to rebalance the relationship between tenants and landlords, tackle stigma and ensure that social housing can be both a safety net and springboard into home ownership.


  • The Green Paper aims to start a national discussion to collect views on how to improve social housing, based around five core principles: a safe and decent home, swift and effective resolution, empowering residents, tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities and building the social homes that we need.


  • The proposals will empower residents to hold their landlords to account and give them the support they need to seek redress when things go wrong. A tougher regulator will help drive up standards and ensure social homes are well managed and quality places to live.


Why this matters: Providing high quality and well managed social housing is a core priority for this government. Our Green Paper offers a landmark opportunity for major reform to improve fairness, quality and safety for residents living in social housing across the country.