CWAC Conservatives manifesto


The Conservatives have launched their local election manifesto with a promise to put residents at the forefront of their plan for Cheshire West and Chester.

Commenting after the launch on Monday, Lynn Riley, CWAC Conservative group, said she believed it was time for change. She said: “The Conservatives are offering a positive vision for change with new ideas, one that puts the views of residents to the fore and which would return the council to doing what is important to us all - improving the quality of life for local people.”

“The last four years under Labour has focussed on the funding they don’t have rather than the huge budget they do; yet they’ve wasted millions on expensive consultants, computers, buildings and parking machines.

“Claims that councils won’t be getting a penny from government fail to be open and honest about the £4billion that has been through the council’s books since 2015.

“Imagine what a well- run council, which we could offer, with a positive partnership with Government and other funders might achieve?”

“Over 75% of the council budget is spent on about 4% of our population who are our most vulnerable and in need of our help and support. But we must remember that this is possible because 100% pay their council tax or business rate. It’s only fair that people should expect their streets to be clean and well maintained; their bins collected and above all get value for the taxes they hand over.”

Lynn added that she believed a Conservative led council would be more open to new ideas, leading to new opportunities for inward investment.

She said: “Our offer to residents is one of joined up thinking, starting with keeping taxes low and doing better with publicly provided money.

“We managed this when the Conservatives led the council from 2008-15 cutting council tax in real terms by 14% by finding new ways of running the authority for £130m less.

“People can be confident that we can do this again by being open to the ideas, activities and investment opportunities of others. We want to make every pound matter here in Cheshire West and Chester so no-one is held back or left behind 

 “People need a council with common sense that works for them. One that puts them and their family first; one that is efficient and effective with their money. Above all a Conservative council that improves life and opportunities for local people. Cheshire West can’t afford another 4 years of Labour.”



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