21st Century Exporting Superpower

The International Trade Secretary will launch an ambitious export strategy to boost British businesses, creating jobs and growth as we build a stronger, fairer economy for everyone.

Key facts: Speaking at the Institute of Directors, Liam Fox will set out a new strategy to increase exports as a proportion of UK GDP to 35 per cent.

  • Research shows that companies that export have increased growth potential, are more productive and deliver better paid jobs.
  • £620 billion of goods and services were exported last year – but many opportunities remain unrealised. An estimated 400,000 businesses believe they could export but currently don’t, and demand for British expertise and goods overseas is only growing.
  • Our exporters lead the way in creating jobs, raising wages and growing our economy, and as we leave the EU we are determined to support, connect and help grow UK companies on the world stage.

Why this matters: We must take advantage of the huge potential in the global economy, creating jobs and boosting growth across the UK.