Conservative Policy Forum (CPF)

The CPF is a national Party Group that gives members the opportunity to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain. With almost 250 active groups across the country, a fantastic voluntary team and strong professional support from CCHQ, the CPF has a vital role at the heart of the Conservative Party. With a direct line to the Prime Minister's Policy Board, its members have a real say in the direction our Party is taking.

Modern, effective policy-making is characterised, among other features, by open and evidence-based idea generation that is innovative, flexible and creative.  The Conservative Policy Forum is the setting within the Party that enables Members to participate in this process.

The Conservative Policy Forum:

  • develops and advances Conservative ideas and policies within the Party and in Government for the benefit of the whole nation;
  • creates regular opportunities for all members, regardless of age or location, to discuss the challenges facing the country and to have real influence on Party policy;
  • champions Conservative policies locally and nationally so as to support the election of candidates at every level of government who will implement a Conservative policy agenda.

The regular cycle of national CPF discussion papers and additional local policy CPF meetings offer the space for openness and creativity with respect to long-term macro-policy development. Events reported by the news, however, often present short-term opportunities in areas of micro-policy to which it would also be beneficial to create a similar space. In response to this need, the CPF is launching a micro-policy initiative.

Through the CPF, Conservative Party members made a real contribution to the Government’s White Paper on housing, published earlier this week. The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has written to thank the CPF for its input, through our national policy discussion and later roundtable on the subject, acknowledging that some of the ideas in the White Paper "came about as a direct result of the efforts of the CPF." A copy of Sajid's letter can be found at the bottom of this article.

Sajid concludes his letter, which you can read in full via the download link below, “The contributions of the CPF are an invaluable addition to [the] debate … The dedicated work of the CPF and its members is a real asset to us in Government that is greatly appreciated … I look forward to the future contributions the CPF will make as we continue to demonstrate that it is the Conservative Party that is coming up with the answers to the challenges working people in Britain face.”

The Prime Minister, Theresa May has also sent her support of the CPF, writing, “The CPF plays a key role in ensuring that Party members‎ have the opportunity to help shape Government Policy. We need to make the most of all of the talent that exists within our Party, and harness our members’ enthusiasm.”

These remarks highlight how together, through the CPF, members of the Party are directly influencing the policies that shape our lives and communities. Ministers want our input and recognise the benefit of hearing the ideas, experiences and lessons learned by those living and working at the heart of the nation’s diverse communities.

Become part of the CPF community. Phone usTODAY to book your place at the next CPF meeting. Make sure you are part of the team influencing our Party's direction.

If you wish to take part in CPF either register online via the website,  or complete the attached form and e-mail or post it back to us.


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