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Over the last year unemployment is down by 538,000 – the biggest fall since records began.

New figures by the Office for National Statistics also show:

  1. More people in work than ever before, including a record number of women in work – since 2010, there are 1.7 million more people in work with the security of a pay packet
  2. Youth unemployment down by 253,000 over the last year – the largest annual fall since records began
  3. The biggest fall in unemployment over the last year in the G7 – Britain is outperforming all other major advanced economies
  4. 542,000 fewer people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance – more people getting off benefits and into work
  5. 1.3 million of the jobs created have been full-time – that’s three-quarters of all new jobs

Our long-term economic plan is working – as these figures show – but there’s still a lot to do and there are risks in the global economy that could threaten Britain.

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Wednesday, 24 September, 2014
 18th September 2014   In recent weeks I have received some correspondence from constituents about the Affordable Homes Bill, both for and against. The Bill was debated in Parliament on Friday 5 September. Some constituents have written to me suggesting they may have concerns that, without the bill, some vulnerable families could lack protection. The removal of the spare room subsidy was a necessary change to get the housing benefit bill under control, to return fairness to the system (so that those dependent on and funded by the State do not get an unfair greater advantage than those funding their own way – and often struggling), and to make much better use of social housing stock. This is particularly true in Eddisbury, notably in Winsford, where there are increasingly a number of smaller properties available but with single people and couples reluctant to move into them since their own children have grown up and moved out of their larger home, whilst at the same time there is an unacceptably long waiting list for 3 and 4 bed publically funded houses for families with young children or other dependants who are being closed out of moving into homes to meet their current needs. I cannot and do not support the Affordable Homes Bill, which aims to reverse this important change, when there are nearly two million households on social housing waiting lists in England alone and 360,000 families living in over-crowded accommodation. Estimates suggest that the Affordable Homes Bill would cost about £1 billion of public expenditure. At a time when many families are having to make cut backs, I do not believe this would be an appropriate use of public money. I can assure my constituents that provisions are in place to protect the disabled, foster carers and the armed forces and £165 million of funding has been made available for local councils to support vulnerable claimants in 2014/15. However, I continue to believe that it cannot be right to subsidise families to live in houses too big for their needs on the backs of the general taxpayer, who can’t generally afford to fund by rent or mortgage finance homes bigger than their needs or their incomes. I hope that this statement clarifies why I am unable to support Andrew George’s Affordable Homes Bill. Stephen O’Brien   

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