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Following the Rt Hon Stephen O'Brien's recent appointment as the Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA and Emergency Relief Coordinator, the members of Eddisbury Conservative Association have selected Antoinette Sandbach to stand for the Parliamentary seat in the forthcoming election.

Antoinette was elected as an Assembly Member for the North Wales Region in 2011 and has since stood strong when speaking up for her constituents. She was appointed as Shadow Minister for the Environment and also sits on the Assembly's Environment and Sustainability Committee. Prior to becoming involved with politics, Antoinette practiced as a Barrister for 10 years in London. She had pledged to give her Assembly wages for during the campaign to charity and intents to stand down from the Assembly if elected as an MP and move to Cheshire.

Eddisbury Conservative Association is delighted to welcome Antoinette as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate and are looking to work closely with her in the run up to the election.

If you would like to help Antoinette with her campaign please contact us on 01829 733 243 or e-mail office@eddisburyconservatives.co.uk.

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